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Compadre Comadre

Subsamples of the COMPADRE Plant Matrix Database and COMADRE Animal Matrix Database for testing and examples<CompadreDB>) as_tibble(<CompadreDB>) head(<CompadreDB>) tail(<CompadreDB>) names(<CompadreDB>) dim(<CompadreDB>) merge(<CompadreDB>) NumberAcceptedSpecies() NumberStudies() NumberMatrices()

Methods for CompadreDB objects

`[`(<CompadreDB>,<ANY>,<ANY>,<ANY>) subset(<CompadreDB>)

Subsetting CompadreDB objects

fortify.CompadreDB() filter.CompadreDB() slice.CompadreDB() arrange.CompadreDB() mutate.CompadreDB() group_by.CompadreDB() ungroup.CompadreDB() summarize.CompadreDB() summarise.CompadreDB() select.CompadreDB() rename.CompadreDB() left_join.CompadreDB() right_join.CompadreDB() inner_join.CompadreDB() full_join.CompadreDB()

Tidyverse methods for CompadreDB objects

CompadreData() `$`(<CompadreDB>) `$<-`(<CompadreDB>) `[[`(<CompadreDB>,<ANY>,<missing>) `[[<-`(<CompadreDB>,<ANY>,<missing>) VersionData() Version() DateCreated()

CompadreDB Class


Subsample of a legacy version of the COMPADRE Plant Matrix Database for testing and examples

matA() matU() matF() matC() matrixClass() MatrixClassAuthor() MatrixClassOrganized() MatrixClassNumber()

Methods for working with matrices in com(p)adre


Convert legacy COM(P)ADRE database object to CompadreDB


Check whether a COM(P)ADRE database contains one or more species of interest


Collapse a COM(P)ADRE database by averaging matrices over levels of one or more grouping variables


Compare two versions or subsets of a COM(P)ADRE database


Fetch the COM(P)ADRE database from or a local file


Flag potential issues in matrices of a COM(P)ADRE database


Convert a COM(P)ADRE database to a flat data frame with matrices and vectors stored in string representation


Create integer identifiers for a COM(P)ADRE database corresponding to unique combinations of a given set of columns


Create integer identifiers for a COM(P)ADRE database corresponding to unique combinations of species and matrix stage class definitions


Create a vector of unique study identifiers from a COM(P)ADRE database


Calculate a population-specific mean fecundity matrix for each set of matrices in a COM(P)ADRE database


Extract metadata from a COM(P)ADRE database


Merge two COM(P)ADRE databases via row-bind


Reconstitute a flattened COM(P)ADRE database (created by cdb_flatten) as a CompadreDB object


Unnest a COM(P)ADRE database by spreading the components of CompadreMat into separate list-columns

mat_mean() mpm_mean()

Calculate a mean over a list of matrices or CompadreMat objects

mpm_has_prop() mpm_has_active() mpm_has_dorm() mpm_first_active()

Extract stage-class information from CompadreMat or CompadreDB objects

mat_to_string() vec_to_string() string_to_mat() string_to_vec()

Convert vectors or square numeric matrices to and from string representation