Prints a summary of the differences between two CompadreDB objects, including the number of species, studies, and matrices in each. If argument verbose == TRUE, additionally prints a list of the species and studies that are present in one database but not the other.

cdb_compare(cdb1, cdb2, verbose = FALSE)


cdb1, cdb2

CompadreDB objects to compare


Logical argument indicating whether or not to return lots of detail


NULL. Output is printed rather than returned.

See also

Other data checking: cdb_check_species(), cdb_collapse(), cdb_flag(), mpm_methods


Owen R. Jones <>


Compadre1 <- subset(Compadre, Continent == "Asia")
Compadre2 <- subset(Compadre, Continent == "Africa")

cdb_compare(Compadre1, Compadre2)
#> Quick Summary...
#> cdb1 contains data for:
#> 6 source papers
#> 6 accepted species
#> 9 matrices
#> cdb2 contains data for:
#> 3 source papers
#> 3 accepted species
#> 3 matrices